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510 million km²

Drive the right climate actions – on every inch of the planet

OpenSurface is the AI-powered land-use platform for driving climate actions globally


Monitor & forecast deforestation, subcanopy change & wildfires


Evaluate present & future biodiversity levels


Track & project crop & soil condition over time

Monitor & Forecast Land-Use Change at Planetary Scale

The freshest data, aggregated

Authoritative government records, commercial satellite imagery, public data-sets, ground-sourced intelligence. OpenSurface constantly combines and makes best use of the most recent information, from diverse sources.

AI that rewrites the rules

We set out to reinvent state-of-the-art, to change the benchmark by which land-use classification is judged, by going back to first principles and detecting change in profoundly new ways.

Open source, not-for-profit

A platform for everyone, from governments to corporations, data providers to data scientists, we’re building the API to scale any application, product or service, and make new levels of collaboration and co-operation possible.

Our pilot in Chile is helping the government prioritise where they place resources by automatically comparing planned, authorised activities with how forests are actually being managed or depleted. We're demonstrating how our platform can lead to successful forestry outcomes, and exploring new techniques in evaluating ecosystem services and biodiversity on a massive scale. To find out more, and to pilot OpenSurface for forestry management where you are, contact us.

Our mission is to enable the next generation in digital MRV-driven land management, by linking what's happening on the ground to tailored alerts or results-based payments, and creating accurate, timely, automated services for different stakeholders. OpenSurface is placing the power to create new kinds of land-use products, services and applications – that are massively and affordably scalable – in everyone's hands. We're working with the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution to urgently change what's possible. To collaborate, or become a pilot partner – get in touch.


Nick Beglinger

David Dao

Micah Melnyk

Paul Warren

James Collado

Scott Hartop


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